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Rotterdam welcomes you

At 52 degrees north latitude and 4 degrees east longitude, where the waters of Europe’s largest rivers merge to flow into the North Sea, you’ll find Rotterdam, the city with Europe’s largest seaport. A compact yet cosmopolitan city, with a young, dynamic and international population that consists of over 170 nationalities. The city has a lot to offer its visitors: sports, culture, architecture, nightlife and shopping. Rotterdam can be comfortably reached by all modes of transport. The city offers an ample selection of excellent accommodations to make your stay a success. Rotterdam would like to welcome you!

Rotterdam has been built on both sides of the river Nieuwe Maas. One way to go from one bank to the other is to cross the Erasmus Bridge, a landmark in the Rotterdam skyline since 1996. The bridge connects the city centre with the ‘Kop van Zuid’, a new urban area with high-profile cultural institutions, restaurants and luxury condominiums. The other major project under construction in the South of Rotterdam is the new Stadium Park. It will offer a new stadium on the river Maas for Feyenoord, the best-known soccer club of Rotterdam, as well as house a host of other sports accommodations.

Rotterdam has many attractions to offer, ranging from shopping and sports to culinary delights from global cuisines. Blijdorp Zoo is one of Europe’s finest and those who want to have a bird’s-eye view of Rotterdam can peek out from the 185-metre high Euromast.

The city of Rotterdam hopes to welcome you as one of these visitors, so you can see for yourself that this city isn’t only about sports. Rotterdam is brimming with lots of other activities. The city is vibrant and exciting!